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Fitness on the fly.

Beautiful user interface.

Compare your progress. Compare any time frame

Life score.

Set goals.

Reminders to keep you motivated.

Measure your progress with in-depth metrics

Life score

View your current health status on a simple scale from ‘Off-Track’ (lowest score) to ‘Perfectly fit’ (highest score).

Progress comparison

Track exactly how much effort you’re putting in, and compare it to your previous best as graphs.


Daily Tracker 

Foster discipline, momentum, and never get lulled back into bad habits. The daily tracker reminds you to work hard every. single. day.


It just works

Don’t waste any time learning your way around. Everything is right where you need to see it, and it works right out the box

Take Back Control of Your Health

It’s for you, and only you

We believe health progress is personal. focuses purely on achieving your personal goals while eliminating distractions. Let other see the results when they meet you.

Get truly personal recommendations

Healthful’s AI adapts to your unique health and activities, while recommending different approaches to help hit your goals faster and more effectively.

Foster Discipline

Don’t fall back into bad habits or lose momentum over time. Healthful’s daily tracker, reminds you to work hard every day, and makes it easier to create better long-term habits.

Watch your progress

Use’s inbuilt time comparisons & graphs to watch your health improve over time.

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